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Project 1- Mansari Village

May 14th: 

Village mansari is our pilot project. In the first phase of our campaign we took care of solid waste management.

There are four parameters to it

1. Installing dustbins at the common places
2. Distributing jute bags to every household and collect solid waste generated instead of burning it in open or throwing it away.
3. Organizing a cleaning drive every fortnight in association with महिला मंडल to empty all the dustbins & jute bags. Cleaning all the streets and cutting cannabis is also a part of our campaign.
4. Organizing workshop to make villagers understand the importance of waste segregation , proper waste disposal, Eco-friendly lifestyle etc.

To make a village plastic free its just a small but very necessary step as we will introduce old and healthy ways into practice again.

Be a part of our campaigns , we are open for suggestions and people who can volunteer for the above parameters.

This is just a beginning as everyone now wants pure environment and it’s a saying…. Nothing is more powerful then an idea whose time has come up.



So due to the lack of proper waste disposal facility every village has developed a dumping ground. In village MANSARI on 14th may our team in association with Mahila mandal cleaned the village but the major hurdle is the dumping ground created here.

So on 27th may our team with haripur degree college students (rover rangers ) & महिला मंडल will clean and put a permanent end to this unwanted dumping yard. What we need to do is turn out for the campaign in a large number so that it can be done in a day.


May 27th:

Earlier we talked about how every village has their own unwanted dump yard.

Now feeling proud to convert this unnatural dump-yard into its natural form.One ton plastic & 300 kg glass removed. This was possible only with the help of rover rangers of Haripur degree college.

Keeping the Himalayas clean has become a problem with growing tourism as everything we use is around plastic. So at village mansari we have provided alternatives to discard plastic garbage properly and dump it at nearest government dumping ground.

The next step will be how to reduce carbon foot prints in the village which will include recycling and up-cycling. 16th June on wards we will start our workshops .




Soyal Village:

It’s always good to have a cleaning drive, involving villagers, motivating mahila mandal , inspiring kids, listening elders and learning from their life long experience which always starts with an introduction. If we can’t talk to each other properly we can’t bring change as communication gap brings not only hurdles but creates never ending distance. So in order to do so we introduce ourselves, share our experiences and a healthy laugh in the end.

Our third village soyal is one of the most beautiful villages in the area and we would like to keep it that ways only. So on 25th June our team with gram panchayat & mahila mandal soyal removed non biodegradable items from the streets, parking, near temple and road side. People from village pledged to do the cleaning drive twice a month and our team will dispose the plastic safely.