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Prashar rishi lake cleaning campaign wherein we were 32 volunteers collected almost 75 bags full of non biodegradable waste mostly glass bottles and single use plastic. Another one of the most holiest place turned into a party zone. Although most of us admire the tranquility and splendor of Himalayas, yet we conveniently give a blind eye to the responsibility passed on to us. Yes, responsibility..! The responsibility of protecting, nurturing and safely handing over the natural heritage to generations that will follow.

The responsibility to treat the mountains as our own abode. However, we are failing at this and how! Dumping garbage, littering and polluting the water bodies as well. To say the least we are turning these regions into trash cans. In the pretext of development and promoting tourism we are disturbing the sanctity of the mountains. Hence, there is a dire need to promote responsible tourism.

Healing Himalayas Foundation has taken this responsibility to clear the mess accumulated on the foothills and neighboring areas of Himalayas. We have been actively carrying out campaigns to clean the garbage dumped in the mountain areas from several years. Apart from promoting cleanliness the organization is also educating locals and tourists about waste management.