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2 nights 3 days campaign. Around 7500 plastic bottles collected in a small stretch of 24kms. Kheerganga needs healing or it’s going to be another kedarnath soon. Mark my words it’s beyond worse now although we can still change the scenario. Help us spread the word to trekkers or wannabe trekkers, devotees or don’t why I am trekking type people so that message is clear do not throw away your trash while trekking it’s as simple as that.

Glimpse of Kheerganga cleaning drive. That’s how we bring garbage to base. It’s need of the hour, stop using plastic bottles or start disposing them properly. One way or the other you can contribute to save earth.

We witnessed 3000 trekkers coming to Kheerganga , the holy kund was literally destroyed it was smelling like another Yamuna and now finally local pujari will shut it down for a while.