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A small and last village towards HAMTA PASS called Sethan where migrants from Kinnaur settled decades ago. A beautiful village with regular trekkers from YHAI and India hikes keep on coming. This time we decided to take a new route called Sethan Dorm trek by locals. well, our strategy is to collect garbage at one place while going up and pick it up while coming down. We do surprise people by what we do though within no time they become part of #healinghimalayas.

Hamta Clean Drive Key Point

  1. On World Environment Day, the first event  was conducted by the organisation with the help of few friends and en-route trekkers.  We took a new route called Sethan Dorm, a trek by locals. 
  2. 10 volunteers, 8 kms total stretch covered, Approximately 1100 plastic bottles were removed from the route in addition to plastic wrappers and other waste. 
  3. With the help of AD hydro project (Prini) the waste was dumped at the main dumping ground used by the project 
  4. 1943 people reached on social media organic (Facebook)

Prini To Sethan Clean Drive Key Points:

The 2nd event was conducted on June 19th. The organisation head Pradeep discussed and invited the MAHILA MANDAL Association of SETHAN village to participate in cleaning the route from Vill Print to Vill Sethan.

  1. The total stretch of 16kms was cleaned, 20 women from Sethan village and 8 volunteers participated.
  2. 7000 plastic bottles were recovered in addition to other plastic waste material. 
  3. More than 70 sacks of waste was dumped with the help of AD Project, Prini in their dumping ground
  4. Rewarded Mahila Mandal ladies with a lunch at one of our member Vikas Kumar’s camping site at Backwood Camps.
  5. Approximately 3000 people organic reach on social media and appreciated the work

We would like to thank our volunteers for the successful cleaning of the route from Village Prini to Village Sethan. Pradeep Sangwan, the founder, Vikas Kumar, Tashi Negi, Varun, Bodh, Sonia Chauhan, Anshul Sharma, Bhanu Uday, Mohit Prateek Rohit Chaturvedi, Raivent Nahar, Amit Balkara and all the ladies of Village Sethan Mahila Mandal Association for their dedication and happy hands.