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Our vision is to preserve the sanctity, beauty, and cleanliness of the Himalayas and Healing Himalayas Foundation is playing a big part in the transformation. Now, instead of seeing the heaps of garbage on street corners with nothing to do but engage in illicit activity, you might see our team and volunteers serving the nature and doing their part.

Our special thanks to TARA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, it’s a co-educational school located in the rural area (Raison, Kullu ). Working with students and sharing their ardour and keenness is beyond comparison.We look forward to associating with you to promote our noble cause of reviving the Himalayas and making it as serene as possible because your presence enlightened the environment.

Clean Drive Key Points:

  1. Hadimba Temple is one of the main tourist sights in Manali and the area around has been marred by too much waste and rubbish.
  2. For the third event, the organisation invited Tara International School to participate in cleaning up of Hadimba Temple area.
  3. 25 school students, teachers and staff members, 6 volunteers took part in the clean drive.
  4. Around 4500 plastic bottles in addition to plastic wrappers and other waste were recovered and removed in five hrs.
  5. 4588 people organic reach on social media ( Facebook)


Thank you once again, Varun Bodh Dheera Johnson Raghu Johnson Rinchen Dolma Sahil Chowfla Anshul Sharma and all the students of TARA INTERNATIONAL who participated. The event would never be possible without your able hands and support.