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From the day we start understanding anything about this world we are told our priorities which are family, career, job, marriage and kids which are not wrong at all. But it’s just the basic survival plan and to be honest there is nothing wrong in teaching or learning these defines priorities but what we forget to share in this developed life is the “joy of sharing”. The amount of happiness hidden in this small gesture can only be felt by sharing and spending the fraction of our lifetime for the ones who are not on that priority list. Be a part of something which is not your routine and you will find a strange beauty in doing so and that beauty is called “Satisfaction”.

This Diwali, Healing Himalayas team extended little gesture with Priyanka Sharma (who has been sharing her Diwali with little kids for last many years and recognise each one from the time they were brought into the place) in spending time with little kids and providing few necessities to one of the orphanages. This was the best way to close the curtains for this year’s events with light and happy mood.

Here are few moments spent with kids on Diwali eve, colouring, playing, lighting ideas and rangoli making. The organisation closed the curtains for this years’ events by extending a little gesture of “Gratitude “to a local orphanage.

The team donated water purifiers, ORS solutions, soap kits, baby kits, nappies and wipes along with colour books and toys for children under the 8 years of age and spent time with the kids.

We want to extend our gratitude and warm thanks to our Shimla team: Sonia Chauhan, Aditya Chauhan, Anuj Chauhan, Priyanka Sharma, Neha Machhan, Neha Kanwar, Kartik Mahajan, Akshay Dehru, Aarti Jamta and Nikhil Gupta for lighting up the day and returning the goodwill.