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Who we are

Garbage is one of the most challenging factor that pollutes the environment everywhere. Garbage on foothills are being dumped for ages but attention of the society has been drawn recently towards garbage on the mountains, specially Himalayas. Our projects are focused on conducting activities and clean up of the mess that has been accumulated on all the places primarily the Foothills of Himalayas. We organise special activities, mass clean-ups and events in the community and schools to create the awareness level of the society towards restoring the environment.
Our mission is to maintain the cleanliness in the foothills of Himalayas, to develop comprehensive and holistic waste management programs that helps to protect people, roaming animals, and the environment from toxic materials generated by plastic and general waste. Through our organization, we also create awareness of the need to take care for the environment surrounding Himalayas, from a health, civic, ecological, and spiritual perspective. To mobilize support from mountaineers, trekker, alpine clubs, adventure tour operators and Himalayan region governments, to protect the Himalayan environment, its flora and fauna and natural resources as well as protect the customs and interests of the local people. To unfold a code of conduct and ethics to be followed by all visitors to Himalayan region. To encourage mass clean up campaigns and promote healthy environmental practices in areas of the Himalayas that densely polluted. Our foundation may help raise funds and provide support for these projects and maintain supportive role in cooperation with the local governing bodies. Lastly, as the name suggests we are not only healing Himalayas but alongside reducing global warming.

Meet our team

Charity, volunteer for clean Himalayas.